Virtual Book Tours - A Marketing Tool For Your New Book

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Virtual Book Tours - A Marketing Tool For Your New Book

Notapor cramerjohn004 » Mié Ago 14, 2019 3:11 pm

On the day of your tour visit, the blog owner will post your interview, book cover image, and your picture on their blog. You and the owner will want to encourage audience participation, as well as create an incentive for readers to visit the blog site on the day of your best sites for booking tours stop. You want as many site visitors as possible in order to promote your book or e-book.

The best incentive is to give away a copy of your book to a randomly selected visitor. There is a website called where you enter the e-mail addresses of the site visitors, and it randomly chooses one. The contest can be something along the lines of all who post a question or comment on the day of your visit will be entered into a drawing for a free copy of your e-book or book.

You will check in throughout the day to see if there are any questions or comments that need addressing. This can create a dialogue or conversation, which in turn, will generate more audience participation. To make it more exciting, the owner of the blog can post the winner's name after they have been notified that they are the lucky winner.

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