Pay someone to take my online class

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Pay someone to take my online class

Notapor cramerjohn004 » Mar Abr 16, 2019 9:01 am

Ask about everything you are getting. If they really want your business they will be more then happy to answer your questions, and not with just one or two word answers. There is nothing more frustrating about spending 20 min typing out all of your questions an wanting to know the answers and have someone answer back with a one or two word answer. If they are not willing to explain before you buy the course, how much are they going to explain and work with you during the course. Keep open lines of communication going!

And last but not least, put yourself in their shoes as well! It is always good to see things from another perspective, as you don't know what their situation is on there end.

Maybe the online web school only accepts one form Pay someone to take my online class of payment and you want to pay with a check. Ask if they are willing to accept this. If not ask if they can accept other forms as well, such as a money order or certified payment and see if they are willing to go that extra stretch for you.

Most places are, as they want to make you happy!

Even if they don't pick your first choice of payment, be open to the options that they are giving you, as if they have already made exceptions and given you other choices, sometimes you have to meet people in the middle because you don't know what they have to do on their end to make these adjustments for you.

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